Buying Followers for Your Twitter Account

After discovering that it’s entirely possible to buy Twitter followers, I quickly realized that was exactly the kind of thing that I needed to do. I’ve been struggling with my Twitter account for a couple of months now. I haven’t been able to gain the number of followers that I had originally set out to find which means the content that I’ve been sharing hasn’t had the reach nor the impact that I had hoped for. Now with a service that is able to provide me with the number of followers that I need, I’ve been able to finally push ahead.

I really just want to be able to use Twitter as a platform where I’m able to share the content that I create on my blog. I don’t see myself ever utilizing Twitter for marketing campaigns or anything but I would like to be able to join in with clever hashtag campaigns! I think those are a lot of fun; I love it when they’re used for social justice. Like when the NYPD tried to have Twitter users in NYC share their favorite photos of officers helping out residents and instead received thousands of pictures of NY police brutality.

That’s what is so great about Twitter. It’s able to shape social justice in real time. Twitter has long been a supporter of users who want to be able to use it against oppressive regimes and have done a lot of work in allowing those users to continue being able to use it in a way that is for the greater good, even if their governments actively shut down access to the Internet. It happened in Turkey and Twitter was able to create a mobile phone infrastructure which allowed users to Tweet posts by dialing in a phone number instead of visiting the website.


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