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Finding Cheap Prices for Home Insurance

Friday, August 29th, 2014

After a couple of years of saving up money, I believe that my wife and I probably have enough money to put down on a house, and we would really like to buy a house in the near future. We actually have already picked out the house that we want to buy, but before we will be able to buy it, we are going to need to look up some info on home insurance deals, to see what the prices are like in this area.

I do not want to have to pay a lot for home insurance. We are going to be pretty broke, after we finish paying for the down payment on the house. (more…)


Jack is Back in Trouble Again

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

It is a shame that we are one of those places where the boss actually does a useful job, because Jack is a pretty big mess at the moment. Of course it is hard to feel too bad for the man when he brings it all on himself and does the same stuff over and over again. He called me up at four in the morning the other day, did not sound all that sober of course. Asked me if I knew a Midwest City Lawyer and then told me to arrange to bail him out of the jail down there. It was not all that serious though. He was just going to catch a drunk and disorderly at worst, but the lawyer I found for him did a good job and managed to get the charges dropped. (more…)