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Why You Should Consider Volunteering in Nepal

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

There are lots of local groups in Nepal that are helping people in need, but they aren’t able to attract and retain international volunteers. FlyNepal provides a link between these agencies and helpful volunteers to make volunteering in Nepal simple and rewarding. This organization matches the right volunteers with the right organizations for the best results.

FlyNepal is dedicated to promoting volunteer opportunities that will help people and the environment in Nepal. They do this by recognizing, developing, promoting and facilitating sustainable volunteer projects at every level.

What Does FlyNepal Want To Do?

Simply put, they want to make life easier and more rewarding for the people of Nepal as well as for volunteers wishing to visit there. This is why the organization follows these four objectives:

1. Provide the volunteers with an experience in Nepal that is truly authentic. (more…)


Love the Style of the Wine Glasses

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

I have two sisters and two sisters in law and they all love to drink wine, so I thought the perfect gift for them this year for Christmas would be hand painted wine glasses. In the past I would say that my gift giving abilities have not been as good as I would like them to be. I am a single lady just out of college with my first job, so I don’t have a lot of money like my sisters and sisters in law, so I have to save my money up to get the perfect gifts for them at Christmas.

I just happened to find your website one night when I was online trying to get Christmas ideas for my family. (more…)


I Am Going to Try This out

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

I was wondering if this works or not. I was cruising about the internet and I found a site called mobalon dot come which has something that they call an ios app creator. It claims that you can convert your web page in to an app for free. That is pretty much what I was thinking about trying to do, although I did not have it phrased like that in my head when I was looking around. I just wanted to know how hard it would be to make an app so people could get updates in real time from my site. The site is a discussion blog and forum, where a lot of people yell at one another. (more…)


Found a Little Place Near Oshkosh

Saturday, December 6th, 2014

Started to work on the place this morning. It was a farm, but all of the farm land has been sub divided and there is a development around it. The place has been empty for a few months, it used to belong to an old guy who is living in a retirement community now. Right now I am trying to decide whether to get cable or satellite. I am leaning towards this sort of deal, and thinking that I shall probably try to figure out if I can cheap out on the Internet or not. The local cable company charges too much from what I can tell, although if you sign up for a two year contract they will give you a deal that looks pretty sweet at first glance. Then when you look at the fine print it is a different story. You start out with a low introductory offer, but that goes away and then they stick it to you for a couple of years.

At any rate I am looking pretty hard at what I need to do. It is a long term project, but the first thing is getting this place in a shape where we can live here. At first that is not going to be possible. The baths and the kitchen both need to be done over and it is better to just go ahead and do that, then move in after that has been done. The baths are really old. I guess if there was not a woman living here I could handle it, but I would not like it too much. The tub is about half a ton of scrap metal, with these weird clawed feet on it. I do not know if it is really as old as it appears to be.