Down Near the Border Now

I am going to be done here for a good while. I am working for the local San Angelo electricity company, although I am parking my butt behind a desk at 9 AM every morning and I only get out in the field if there is some serious problem that requires a person of my experience and gravitas. That is to say if there is a big hurricane or a similar natural disaster they would send me out to make sure that things got done as efficiently as possible. AS it is there is not a lot of work for me on most days. If every guy in the department is getting his work done, then I do not have that much to do. If it looks like someone is slacking off on the clock, then I have to figure out what is going on. Of course a guy who is really good at this line of work is best left alone so long as you can.

When I started out down here I had to clear out a couple of guys who were not all that committed, but that was one of those things where you need to let all of them know what you are about. A guy who knows that you know who is naughty and who is nice, well he is going to be a lot more nice than he would be if he thought you were clueless. So long as everyone is on the same page you are not going to need me too much, because I am the sort of guy that you need when it starts to rain really hard and the wind begins to howl, which is of course when line men do not get to sleep in their own beds at night.


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