Getting a Secure Storage Unit

I needed to find a storage facility a few months ago. I had absolutely no experience with this, and it turned out that none of my friends did either. One of them did suggest that I visit the Store Friendly website to get some information since they seem to be one of the best in their industry. I had obviously heard of them before because they do have such a presence throughout Singapore, so I thought that was my best option. I went to their website and was immediately impressed with how organized and detailed everything was.

I had quite a few questions, and I was able to have all of them answered just by searching for the information on their site. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be too! I was able to look at the different sizes of storage units that they offer, and I was even able to ask for a quote right there on the site. They have so many locations, and I was able to find one that is close to me too. I went there in person to look it over, because I needed to trust the facility that I was going to use because of what I was storing there.

I felt confident about the security they provide after visiting the facility in person, and I was able to secure my own unit that same day. Moving my items there was extremely easy, and everyone I encountered was very helpful. It has been an extremely positive experience for me, and I will not hesitate to use their storage facilities in the future. I know there are quite a few different storage companies around, but none of them can touch Store Friendly as far as price, space, and customer service are concerned.


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