I Am Going to Try This out

I was wondering if this works or not. I was cruising about the internet and I found a site called mobalon dot come which has something that they call an ios app creator. It claims that you can convert your web page in to an app for free. That is pretty much what I was thinking about trying to do, although I did not have it phrased like that in my head when I was looking around. I just wanted to know how hard it would be to make an app so people could get updates in real time from my site. The site is a discussion blog and forum, where a lot of people yell at one another. Of course the site is not really all that usable on a mobile device right now and that is a very big deal. You have to be able to reach the people who are on their phones and other mobile devices. That is a really big part of the audience if you think about it.

So I need a mobile site, but an app would work fine too. In particular it needs to be set up so that people can post message. They need to be able to express themselves just as well as they could if they were on the site, but I am not sure how you could manage all of the stuff that is on the interface now. There are hundreds of emoticons that you can use and the page scrolls on and on with them. It works great on a PC with a big monitor, but on a handheld device it seems like it would just be way too unwieldy and not very effective. Still you need to be able to do that the same in my opinion.


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