Plans to See Every State

My friends and I wanted to take a trip to the Grand Canyon, but we didn’t have enough money for even one of us. We thought about some ways that we could make money for the trip, and we decided that would look at a lot of different options that were available and try the ones that were deemed successful by other people. We divided the task of looking at different plans between us, and I was given Ewen Chia reviews to read. The reviews were extremely positive, which was a red flag for me. Whenever I see a lot of reviews that are positive, I become skeptical that someone might have bought reviews.

My friends weren’t getting the same kind of positive reviews that I was seeing. Most of the services that they were researching came with a lot of negative reviews. Since mine was the only one what was so positive, we discussed the issue and came to an agreement that we would trust the reviews and give it a shot. The 5 of us all working together using the same strategy was bound for success, or at least we hoped.

The reviews didn’t steer us wrong. The people knew exactly what they were talking about, and in a couple of weeks, we made enough money to pay for our trip and more. We decided to turn our simple trip to the Grand Canyon into a trip across the entire country. We would start from our own home state, and then travel in a spiral pattern until we reached the center of the country. Then we would fly to the other two states that are farther out. I’m going to eat a lot of food from each state, and keep a travel diary to track all of the restaurants that I visit.


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