Some Cleaning is Just Too Hard Now

I knew that I needed some help if I was going to be able to stay in my home. It is hard to get older, but it is something that happens to all of us. I am still pretty mobile, but I am not nearly as good as what I was even a few years ago. I have trouble bending down because of arthritis in my knee, and I have trouble reaching all the way up because of an arthritic shoulder. I figured if I looked into getting a part time helper in Singapore just to help me with the cleaning, then I could put off moving in with one of my children for a few more years.

I was only considering this because one of my friends has a part time helper, and she told me that it made life not only easier on her but it also helped to calm her son’s concerns down since he thought she shouldn’t live on her own either. She uses the services of Kleepers, and her recommendation was plenty enough for me to call to get something set up for myself too.

I was not sure what the day or hours would be, as I thought I would be told what was available. It made life much easier for me knowing that I could pick the day and time, and it could even be different every week if I had to change it around like that. The cleaner who comes every week is a really nice young lady, and she cleans my rooms as if they were her own. She does not take any shortcuts, and I am beyond pleased with how she leaves my rooms looking every single week. It feels good to not have to struggle anymore with trying to clean places that are just too hard for me to reach anymore.


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