The Air Conditioning System Needed Checked

My husband and I sold our condo after purchasing a home with a bit of property right outside the city limits. We were tired of the so called rat race, and this seemed the perfect answer. Life seemed to be less chaotic when I look outside and see trees and flowers instead of nothing but condo buildings. The house was in move-in condition with the exception of the air conditioning system. The person who sold us the home said we should look into air-conditioner servicing in Singapore to have a company look at it before we use it.

He explained that he rarely used it, so it had not been maintained professionally in a number of years. He even offered to take a bit of the selling price because of this. I already knew which company I wanted to come out and make sure that it was in good working condition. Anytime we had issues in the city, we always used Great Aircon, whether it was something at our condo or something at one of our jobs. They just have such a great reputation that they are the company that people want to use when there are any problems.

Great Aircon was able to have a service technician look at it even before we moved in. My husband met him there, and it did not take long for him to determine that the air conditioning system was in decent shape. It did need cleaning though, and he changed the filters. He explained that we would get better air circulation that way, which is what we wanted. It did not take long at all for him to be done, and it was such a relief that it did not cost a lot of money either. While we did want to get out of the city, we are not ready to give up all the conveniences like air conditioning!


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